We highlight potential visions and ideas for the future as seen through the eyes of pioneers. These are curated stories on ecologists, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists and others see are happening the coming years.

This project is about the year ‘2028’. Not about trying to predict the future but showcasing potential visions and ideas for that year seen through the eyes of pioneers we see doing great work.

We have been researching 100s of things that are planned or announced to happen in 2028: Korea launching 6G; China getting laser energy from a satellite capturing sun beams; a new bridge connecting Denmark and Germany; the LA Olympics to bring Co2 neutral; demographics of Africa continuing the rapid pace of change; and many many other interesting and not so interesting ‘events’ in 2028.

We identify stories that may become prominent in 2028 and then identify those working on them now. Once every month, we want to interview and publish about one pioneer. We’re planning a wide range of topics and visions.

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2028_1 | SKWAT, Tokyo
In 2028, the LA Olympics aim to be the first global sports event to utilise existing structures rather than new builds. Making ideas around reimagined space mainstream and the players that know how to reuse and repurpose in demand. One of those is the Tokyo-based collective, SKWAT. They have been