A community of hidden gems.


A private social network of interesting individuals from all across the globe where you can uncover stories from Pioneers and stay in the loop with the latest World’s hidden gems — through trend updates, research and expert talk.


Our purpose is to facilitate human connections, from seemingly 'two different worlds' (from Business to Creative, Entrepreneurs to Artists, Investors to Chefs, and so forth) to form deep meaningful conversations with three underlying fundamentals: interact with purpose, curiosity and human-centric approach.

Why ‘Circle’

This is how we define our ‘Circle’

  • A never-ending cycle of growth and transformation: How we encourage our members to keep on learning, refining and becoming better.
  • A culture where everyone contributes to one another: Mutualism relationship. We encourage everyone to share your own unique stories, perspectives and experiences to one another.
  • A group of people with shared passion and interests - to create a better world.
  • The notion of totality & wholeness: We are committed to create elevated experiences for everyone.
  • Gives back to the community and make it a never-ending cycle of giving.
  • Represents the Earth. How we are all connected.

What’s Next

From getting in-house curated cultural-tech insight/trend reports with human-centric approach, an exclusive community access with real-time updates on “World’s latest happenings” and allows you to connect with like-minded pioneers globally, to exclusive events access — you are here for something special.


Projct is a lifestyle company. We imagine and build better experiences and business models by co-creating with people and organisations transforming experiences and ventures for good.

We are inspired by the intersections of global culture, creative tech, and purpose — and help you innovate from human-centric research and experimentation through innovation, design and strategy.

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