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Unleashing the creative potential of pioneers is at our core. A place for people, projects, and society, to grow.

We believe that the future doesn't just happen to us, we actively shape it with research, experimentation, and purpose.

Our platform is focused on helping founders build and scale their ventures, investors and corporates find their next stage. We partner in those journeys.



Ahyoon Kim

Multidisciplinary designer interested in branding and packaging. Inspired by her multi-cultural upbringing growing up in Seoul and Taipei, and her work and study in Hong Kong, Atlanta, Berlin, New York and now Seoul.

Celine Husada

Originally from Indonesia but currently based in Hong Kong, Celine started doing online businesses and became a website developer and freelancer when she was thirteen. Passionate about Design, Technology, Data Analytics, and Product Management, she is fascinated with anything related to the start-up landscape.

Kelvin Ho

Kelvin's mission in life would be to keep improving until he can be the solution for that one big problem in the world. Most great ideas start from small conversation. Interested in Artificial Intelligence, Food&Beverage, Design&Branding, Consumer Psychology, and NBA.

Mikaela Sun

Originally raised in the Philippines, she enjoys spending her time developing her passion in video editing, graphic design, and other art-related activities. If she ends up having free time outside of her gigs and startup building, you can expect her to be at home playing games or watching a Korean drama.

Mikkel Hansen

Mikkel was a writer and design entrepreneur in New York City, then stumbled across consulting in London, falling head into managing digital products, living in Paris, and finally landing as a (corporate) consultant in Hong Kong and Singapore. It’s a classic case of left/right brains colliding.