At the height of covid shutdowns, in Q3 of 2020, we conducted research with 100+ people around the world to find out their thoughts, fears, hopes, and ambitions. This led to the exhibit 'Stay Home' in an apartment setting in Hong Kong.


The World We Live In: Stay Home
Sun Street, Wanchai
Dec 23 - 30, 2020
By appointment only

In recent months, gold prices hit record highs, Hajj has been cancelled for the first time ever, and theOxford English Dictionary has chosen not to coin a word to describe 2020. To state that it has been weird,or that it was a year of rapid global changes that has left societies and people paralysed, would be tostate what we all know — because we all went through it.

But our experiences were not the same everywhere. A wide range of sectors, like the fashion supplychain, is suffering this year, while much of the world’s professional class has managed to shift their workand studies online. As one person in this project said, some people are living in crystal palaces, whileothers suffer. Some experienced gains, others losses — but we tried to explore what a confined life canoffer.

To understand what this means, we recently reached out to 100 people with an online survey andZoom-interviewed 15 to talk about their current normal. Through a selection of illustrations and installationworks, the team co-curated the exhibit at a studio in a tong lau on Sun Street, Wanchai, to immerseourselves and the participating audience in deep conversations of broader themes, including global andlocal community engagements, immigration and identity, resource distribution and social equality,education reform, and many more.

Situated at a private apartment, the exhibition is an invitation to walk into a realised mental space built onintimate dialogues exchanged globally. The collective voices presented will offer insights into the world welive in, around the globe, to be shared and shaped by all guests from the neighbourhood and beyond.

Tio Chi Fung; Mikkel Hansen; Stephanie Ho; Yorkun Ho; William Mak; Mikaela SunWorks by

Olivia Cheung (@olytoolivia)Tio Chi Fung (@tio_illustrations)Matthew Kam (@matthewkam)

Featuring interviews with

Rodrigo Buelvas, Courtney Castro, Emma Chang, Ivy Cheung, Sam Chua, Urara Hatano, Kelvin Ho, Jørn Grønkjær Jensen, Robert Meeder, Oliver Pang, Amani Salma, Grigori Savva, Yifan Shen

... and 100+ people around the world adding their voice through our survey.

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